plott hound, woodie

Meet our friend, Woodie!


One things that most people know about Woodie’s Wash Shack is that we love dogs, our community, and law enforcement. This trifecta is why we are so excited to introduce you to Woodies, the brand new Pasco Sheriff’s Office Animal-Assisted Therapy K9.

Woodie’s is on a continuous mission to give back to the communities we service. We recently had the opportunity to provide the funds for the adoption and training of a service dog for Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. Woodie, the one-year-old female Plott Hound, was rescued from a shelter, trained via the “Paws and Stripes” inmate program, and is now serving in the Community Engagement Unit with her handler and partner Cpl. Madden. She is the first hound of this breed to join the Pasco Sheriff’s Office K9 family. She is also one of only a few female K9s in the county.

AAT K9 Woodie has been trained to be a calm and confident companion in various situations. Her duties, along with her handler, will include attending calls for service to comfort those experiencing a crisis. Her responsibility it to reduce stress and anxiety that is often present during crisis.

Like all of her friends at Woodie’s Wash Shack, AAT K9 Woodie loves meeting people and making them smile! This makes her perfect for service in the Pasco community and beyond.

Click here to view the article in Pasco News.

Photo Credit: Pasco Sheriff