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Use the Woodie's App to join the Endless Wash Club, manage your wash plan, manage your garage, find the nearest wash shack, and take advantage of promotions and specials!

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Verify your email/phone and update your profile details

Update your vehicle information and choose your wash plan

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Great! All you need to do is migrate your existing membership to the app!


1.) Create an account using your email.

2.) Enter phone number and vehicle information.

3.) Using those details, we will find your existing membership.

4.) You will be prompted to confirm the existing membership we found is you

5.) Select “Yes” and begin washing!


Already created your account but didn’t transfer your existing membership? Click the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner, select “Migrate My Plan to the App,” and follow the instructions. Need help? Call (855) 559-3355

1.) Click on the Garage Button

2.) Click “Add New”

3.) Enter the Vehicle Details

4.) Select Plan


Pro Tip: Take advantage of our Family Plan! Each additional vehicle on our “Wipeout” or “Pipeline” plans will receive $5 off each month!

1.) Select the Garage Button

2.) Select the vehicle you want to modify the license plate for

3.) Select the “Update Vehicle” button

Note: You will only be allowed to change your license plate once every 30 days. If you need to get your license plate changed more than once in a 30-day period, please reach out to our Customer Support team: (855) 559-3355 or email

1.) Click on the Garage Button

2.) Select the vehicle you would like to modify the plan for

3.) Next to “Active Plan” select the “Modify” button

4.) Choose the new plan for this vehicle


Note: Upgrades will take effect immediately. You will be charged the pro-rata difference for the higher level membership for the remainder of the billing period. Downgrades will take effect at the end of the billing period. You will be able to get your higher level wash until the end of the billing period at which time you will be charged the new, lower amount for the downgraded plan. 

Call our Customer Support line at (855) 559-3355 or email us at

Please click HERE to see our in-depth instructions on updating payment information

Absolutely! Your membership is portable which means you’re free to surf the waves at any of our wash shacks!

Endless Wash Club Packages

With the most EPIC wash packages on the beach, There is a plan to match your surf!