We put the Car

back in car wash!

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We Put the Car Back in Car Wash

In the vast landscape of car washing, where the essence of genuine car care often fades into the background, Woodie’s Wash Shack emerges as a beacon for those who cherish their rides. We don’t just wash cars; we celebrate them, infusing every service with the spirit of surf culture and a deep respect for the automotive journey. “We put the car back in car wash” isn’t just a motto; it’s our pledge to elevate your vehicle’s care to the level of passion you feel every time you hit the road or catch a wave!

A Salute to the Deep Connection Between Drivers and Their Rides

For enthusiasts, a car is more than a means of transportation; it’s a part of the family, a repository of memories, and a symbol of freedom. At Woodie’s Wash Shack, we recognize this bodacious bond, and our approach to car washing is a testament to it. By putting the car back in carwash, we ensure that every wash we provide is a celebration of this enduring relationship, treating your vehicle with the care and reverence it deserves.

The Endless Wash Club: Endless washes for endless adventures!

Central to our mission to put the car back in carwash is the Endless Wash Club, designed for those who believe in keeping their vehicle in top-notch condition without any hassle. This membership provides endless washes, ensuring that your ride is always ready for whatever journey lies ahead. It’s an embodiment of our commitment to providing continuous, superior washes, reflecting the endless stoke you have for your car and the open road.


Choosing Woodie’s Wash Shack means more than just getting a regular car wash; it’s about investing in the longevity and beauty of your vehicle. Our “we put the car back in carwash” ethos is a promise to treat your car with the same level of passion and dedication that you do.

Join the Endless Wash Club today and experience the difference of a carwash that truly understands and celebrates the bond between you and your vehicle. Visit us to see how we put the car back in carwash, ensuring your ride is always in prime condition, ready to take on the adventures that await. Let Woodie’s Wash Shack be your partner in maintaining the essence and beauty of your beloved car.


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