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About this Location

    Welcome to Woodie’s Wash Shack’s 4th Wash Shack location in Wimauma, FL, conveniently situated near Sun City Center. 4927 FL-674, Wimauma, FL 33598.


    This Wash Shack establishment plays a critical role in bridging the gaps within our network model, connecting the Riverview and Ruskin area with North Tampa, and paving the way for our upcoming sites in the Bradenton and Sarasota areas. At Woodie’s Wash Shack, we understand the importance of providing exceptional service that leaves your vehicle shining and clean both on the interior and exterior. Our state-of-the-art facility offers a range of services designed to meet your car wash needs, ensuring a thorough and satisfying experience.


    For those seeking a quick yet thorough wash, our Express Wash option is ideal. Using our cutting-edge technology and efficient processes, we deliver a touchless rinse that effectively removes dirt, grime, and debris, leaving your vehicle looking refreshed and rejuvenated. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the surface, as our trained professionals pay attention to every detail, helping ensure a meticulous cleaning of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.


    Situated in the charming town of Wimauma, our Wash Shack is conveniently located near Sun City Center, providing easy access for residents and visitors alike. Nestled in the heart of the Tampa Bay area, our Wash Shack serves as a crucial link between various regions, facilitating seamless travel between Riverview, Ruskin, North Tampa, and beyond.


    At Woodie’s Wash Shack, we take pride in our dedication to customer satisfaction and our unwavering commitment to delivering a clean and sparkling vehicle. Whether you’re a local resident searching for a reliable car wash “near me” or a traveler passing through the area, our Wimauma location is here to ensure your car receives the attention it deserves. Experience the Woodie’s Wash Shack difference and let us transform your ride into a shining masterpiece.



Juan G.
Juan G.
Real Woodie's Member
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Enjoy the overall friendly experience and environment ! Most of the staff are very attentive and demonstrate great work ethics. Chris was a cool surfer member who likes to interacts and assist with customers every needs. Sebastian was a genuine member there and show great work by helping polish out the final touches of my car. Evan was the man! Great manager and very informative.I’ll definitely comeback to this awesome self serve car wash!
Shannon B.
Shannon B.
Real Woodie's Customer!
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Big thanks to Sunmer &Gerise for helping me get my truck nice and clean. Summer was so friendly and offered my kids beach balls to take home. Gerise shined my tires for me. I didn’t even know this service was available until he offered. He most definitely cheered my tires up from looking so sad and down! Another successful trip to Woodies!! Both of them deserve a huge round of applause for their kindness and generosity! I can tell they both take their jobs seriously and truly want to help out each customer.
Sammie H.
Real Woodie's Customer
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The service attendant was very friendly and attentive. He explained how the car works, brought clean towels and cleaning products. He even washes my floor mats for me. I would definitely recommend this car and make this my go to car wash from now on. Great experience!!! Good work Gerise
Christian P.
Christian P.
Real Woodie's Customer
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Let’s start with how I’ve been a club member for 1 year and I love Woodies Wash Shack. Every time I go Sebastian goes above and beyond and is extremely helpful. I like that he’s very knowledgeable with the equipment available to us after every car wash. He’s always happy, smiling and friendly. We need more humans like Sebastian. Thank you for all your hard work!
denise allegretti (Me)denise allegretti (Me)
21:49 02 Mar 24
EJ was amazing helped me with everything could not have asked for a better person to assist while my car needed it in the worlds worst way
Vicente Lopez JrVicente Lopez Jr
16:53 02 Mar 24
EJ was great
Pedson CharitePedson Charite
16:12 02 Mar 24
Great and friendly service ask anyone of the staff and they are always courteous and ready to help…
sergio psergio p
14:42 02 Mar 24
thanks for Cesar an excellent worker their amazing customer service!
Scott HannessonScott Hannesson
23:01 01 Feb 24
These people will sign you up for a car wash program without your permission or knowledge be aware check your bank statements your credit card statements
ONeil SalmonONeil Salmon
22:51 01 Feb 24
I’ve gotta stop and drop my gratefulness for the help of Kyle on drying my vehicle… He was the bomb.
Robin CuthbertsonRobin Cuthbertson
21:30 01 Feb 24
Kyle was kind, helpful and professional. 🙂
Liceth LunaLiceth Luna
20:42 01 Feb 24
Kyle was really helpful and had and uplifting attitude
Finn EbersbachFinn Ebersbach
21:38 17 Jan 24
Thank you Kaira for helping me with my truck today it’s always nice to get help when I wash my truckThank youFinn
Kyle VarnumKyle Varnum
21:01 17 Jan 24
Woodie’s is a welcome addition to southern Hillsborough County. The staff is always friendly and courteous, especially Sebastian he does a great job.
Samantha ClarkSamantha Clark
20:13 17 Jan 24
I tried the touchless wash because I have PPF on my car and it was still severely dirty. I was offered another wash with touchless or regular. I chose regular this time. Came out more clean but not as clean as I would have expected it to be. Vacuums work very well and offer the towels. I will keep washing my car at home but gave four stars for the customer service of offering another wash to make up for the first wash.
Ron RueggRon Ruegg
19:01 17 Jan 24
Sebastian was great help showing me all the details of the car wash !
Michelle GuestMichelle Guest
17:41 17 Jan 24
Crew member Sébastien very helpful
John RobertJohn Robert
21:16 02 Jan 24
Uriel did a good job
Lorian SloperLorian Sloper
18:33 02 Jan 24
Woodies Wash Shack shined me up good!
Selena StammSelena Stamm
00:39 02 Jan 24
Michi offered to help me dry my car and did so with a smile. He was extremely polite and professional and I can tell he has a good heart and was brought up with impeccable manners. Thanks Michi for your help. You made my New Year full of hope. Woody’s Car Wash is the best place in the area to get your ride clean!
21:14 01 Jan 24
Great car wash, incredible and interactive staff
Matino AlexandreMatino Alexandre
17:48 01 Jan 24
Jake did it good and I really appreciate it
Monica LegaspiMonica Legaspi
22:06 18 Dec 23
Kyle Baker did a great job on my car and great personality, we need more people like him in this world! Thank you for your service
Zachary BurkeyZachary Burkey
16:13 18 Dec 23
David SanchezDavid Sanchez
22:57 17 Dec 23
Kenneth FrenchmanKenneth Frenchman
22:53 17 Dec 23
Triple A Rating 10/10 . Closest thing to sliced bread. Thank you Garrett
Crystal HermosilloCrystal Hermosillo
01:57 04 Dec 23
Thank you Kyle 🙂
Mrs HernandezMrs Hernandez
22:01 03 Dec 23
Kyle amazing service!!!!
Great Job Kyle
tracy blaketracy blake
21:22 03 Dec 23
Kyle did an excellent job wiping down our car and was very polite, cheerful and friendly! Thank you Kyle!
21:12 03 Dec 23
Kyle is great
Coral BlueCoral Blue
23:26 18 Nov 23
This sun city car wash was very nice Eddie was super nice and helpful especially with a complementary wipe down! It’s pleasant vibe and the vacuums are great 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
23:24 18 Nov 23
Eddie did an amazing job! Highly recommend!
Calvin TippitCalvin Tippit
23:15 18 Nov 23
Eddie did an awesome job!!!
21:59 18 Nov 23
Stephanie UrbinaStephanie Urbina
21:57 18 Nov 23
Maddux was very helpful he helped me wipe down my car!
01:49 04 Nov 23
I live to go to this place lesar was really nice guy help with everything
Bailey StokesBailey Stokes
23:13 03 Nov 23
Ty was amazing!!! He wiped down my car while I vacuumed and my car has never looked better!!!!
Briana ArthurBriana Arthur
20:04 03 Nov 23
Ty was amazing
ashlee reynoldsashlee reynolds
19:44 03 Nov 23
Kyle is amazing!!!
matt bryanmatt bryan
18:56 03 Nov 23
Cesar did an outstanding job going above and beyond even with out management stating to. Cesar is very engaging and puts the customer first always. His skills, personality, and can do attitude shows that he is an essential employee. Even when there is nothing to do you can always find Cesar going above and beyond and stepping up into a leadership style role.
Lana ShacklefordLana Shackleford
01:09 20 Oct 23
Kaira, was very helpful when He asked her to help me prepare my car before go through washing.
Kyle BakerKyle Baker
23:30 19 Oct 23
Wilbert and his crew did an amazing job. I have never experienced customer service like that. All positive vibes, clean lot, & a very clean restroom made this a top tier visit. The way he & his team interacted made me want to put in an application.
Linda ReaderLinda Reader
21:54 19 Oct 23
Good car wash, strong vacuums, Ty even wiped off my windshield and wiper blades after was.
19:13 19 Oct 23
Gerise did a awesome job helping me and my car
Mark JacobsMark Jacobs
18:35 19 Oct 23
Thank you Gerise for being humble and kind in helping me.
Jorge RodriguezJorge Rodriguez
21:50 23 Sep 23
Danny with excellent customer service tonight! Thank you Danny for all the great help!
16:49 23 Sep 23
Alex Adams was very helpfull... Hooked up my tires had me shining....
14:31 23 Sep 23
Hector provides great customer service!
Jocelyn HugginsJocelyn Huggins
13:09 23 Sep 23
Got a car wash. Great job.
Kesh BrownKesh Brown
12:36 23 Sep 23
Melanie HornsbyMelanie Hornsby
15:50 10 Sep 23
Alex A. was extremely helpful and friendly
Jesus Torres ReyesJesus Torres Reyes
13:32 10 Sep 23
Thank you Alex Adams for the customer service
Michael CarlsonMichael Carlson
13:28 10 Sep 23
Alex Adams provided exceptional service
Aaliyah HernandezAaliyah Hernandez
13:18 10 Sep 23
Alex Adams was absolutely amazing! Thank you for drying off my vehicle 10/10. 5 stars
Zugey AlvarezZugey Alvarez
13:05 10 Sep 23
Alex Adams did a good job today. Thank you
Sharmayne WhaleySharmayne Whaley
16:40 17 Aug 23
I’ve never gotten a membership for a car wash because I really didn’t see the point to be honest. But the staff was truly amazing and very welcoming. From the beginning all the way to wave and Amalie at the end. Joshua was the first face and explained all the products and because he was very welcoming and energetic I brought the membership.Summer and Jay greeted me after I parked and helped with the outside of my vehicle. I wasn’t expecting that and they were very much welcoming as well with smiles and conversation. Thank you! I’m a member now!
Michelle DawsonMichelle Dawson
13:20 11 Aug 23
Bad information given by customer service. To me customer service and transparency is more important than actual service in many cases.Didn't even patronize it due to wasting gas and time driving there after verifying they have shaded areas for interior cleaning.I was not informed that the shaded area is for members only. That's great but tell people that when you tell them there are shaded areas. I do not live here and will be leaving in a few days and not returning for two months. A membership isn't a viable, sensible option.And before the attacks of privilege or Karen calling or whatever, I get sick in direct sunlight within minutes. I end up with migraines and puking so doing it in the sun isn't an option without an ambulance needing to be called.They simply should be more accurate with the responses they give to people. I wouldn't have wasted my time or gas if I'd known that. I feel like they lied to get me in for their overpriced wash. The monthly is a deal though if you wash more than once a month.Now I probably won't even patronize them once I come back due to being lied to more or less. Full disclosure wasn't there. That's bad business to me.
Cee (Cee)Cee (Cee)
19:49 06 Aug 23
First time at Woodie’s and I’ll be surfing here again. Greeted and welcomed by Summer! She was a true delight this morning from answering my questions and giving great energy. Thanks Summer!!
Jill WengerJill Wenger
13:37 31 Jul 23
We have loved Woodie’s since we started coming here a few months ago. Today, Nate’s service took us over the top. He helped me dry my car while I was vacuuming which helped get me out in record time. He also gave us an air freshener! So happy to be a customer.
Bri ArroyoBri Arroyo
13:27 29 Jul 23
Joshua was great!!! I don’t usually get convinced to buy into memberships but he definitely convinced me! He gave me all the details and info I needed. Thank you Joshua! 😄Also Nate was great as well! As soon as I parked my car and got ready to vacuum Nate was there drying off my car! Thank you it definitely help cut my cleaning time in half especially being in this Florida heat! ☺️Thank you both guys!
Ralph ConklinRalph Conklin
11:21 05 Jun 23
Nice car wash at Sun City. They have excellent service. Their car wash area is always clean and well organized.When you go through the tunnel it is a light show….very beautiful.They have an area to dry the car and to vacuum. They provide glass cleaner and all purpose cleaner so that clients can use. Also they provide towels to dry and corn the cars.Highly recommend Woodie’s Wash Shack.
brent statenbrent staten
14:54 23 May 23
Gerise shine my tires up real niiooce! Great equipment to use and super star service! Amenities include both sets of vacuum heads, air compressor nozzle, was station for floor mats and free air pump!