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About this Location

Discover the ultimate car care experience at Woodie’s Wash Shack, your trusted destination for automotive pampering in Nokomis, FL! Situated at 111 N. Tamiami Trail, our Car Wash Near Me brings you the renowned Woodie’s Experience, now conveniently available to serve the vibrant beach communities of Venice and Nokomis.


At Woodie’s Wash Shack, we’re all about delivering a top-tier Express Wash that leaves your vehicle gleaming inside and out. Our dedicated team is committed to enhancing the cleanliness and appeal of your car, ensuring both the interior and exterior receive the attention they deserve.


Services That Stand Out:

  • Exterior Brilliance: Our advanced exterior cleaning methods and premium products ensure that your vehicle’s paintwork shines brilliantly. We offer specialized Ceramic and Graphene coatings that provide unmatched protection, durability, and a mesmerizing finish.

  • Interior Elegance: Step into a sanctuary of cleanliness with our meticulous interior self-detailing. We go beyond the surface to eliminate dirt, grime, and allergens, leaving your vehicle’s interior refreshingly clean and inviting.

  • Vacuum Stations: Our state-of-the-art vacuum stations are designed to help you maintain a spick and span interior effortlessly. Say goodbye to crumbs and debris, and embrace the comfort of a spotless cabin.


Our Nokomis location holds a special place as the southernmost Woodie’s Wash Shack, dedicated to serving the vibrant beach communities of Venice and Nokomis. We’re excited to bring the Woodie’s Experience to those residing south of the Greater Tampa Bay area, offering unparalleled car care that aligns with your lifestyle.


Why Choose Woodie’s Wash Shack:

  • Unparalleled Expertise: Our trained technicians are experts in the art of car detailing. They possess the skills to cater to diverse vehicle needs and provide tailored cleaning solutions.

  • Convenience Beyond Compare: Situated at 111 N. Tamiami Trail, our Nokomis location is your go-to Car Wash Near Me. Conveniently located, it’s perfect for those seeking a convenient and thorough cleaning solution.

  • Community-Focused: We’re dedicated to enhancing the car care experience for the beach communities of Venice and Nokomis. Woodie’s Wash Shack is more than a car wash – it’s a part of your local community.


Visit us at Woodie’s Wash Shack in Nokomis, FL, and let us transform your car into a clean and radiant masterpiece. Experience the Woodie’s difference, and embrace the convenience, quality, and care we bring to your car’s upkeep.



Alexis W.
Alexis W.
Real Woodie's Customer
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Definitely my favorite car wash in the area, the employees are kind and welcoming. The car wash is super fun to drive through with all the bright lights and fun colors. You certainly get your moneys worth with Woodie’s Wash Shack. They have a vaccine system, towels, all purpose cleaner and glass clean at the end to get the details on your own. And I got the cutest car freshener!
Tabitha M.
Tabitha M.
Real Woodie's Customer!
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One of the best car washes I've used in a long time and I used to detail cars in Orlando. The vacuums here are awesome. The staff is great. Free matte cleaner. Free bug cleaner, free air freshener free vacuums and the guy outside Russ is amazing. Help me do my windows. Made sure I had everything I needed. One of the best car wash experiences I've had in a very very long time and Russ definitely made my experience a lot better than it would have been. So thank you again to Russ and the car wash. You guys are great
Ella B.
Real Woodie's Customer
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This was the first time I used this car wash and I can't say enough good things about it. First of all the service was AMAZING. Pete S went above and beyond to be helpful and had a smile on his face while doing it. He greeted me when I got out of the wash and arrived at the vacuums and explained how everything worked and let me know where everything was. He also dried down my whole car by hand to make sure there was no water left. They have complimentary glass cleaner, towels, vacuums, and air fresheners. Pete even put my car mats through the mat washer before I could get to them! Absolutely loved this car wash and will definitely be returning. They also have great wash membership discounts.
Raymond B.
Raymond B.
Real Woodie's Customer
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Randy waved me over to him to get me set up for my free car wash here at WOODIES on Tamiami Trail, I’m Grateful for Randy assisting me with my first visit here, I’m leaving town for a mos.I look forward to signing up with there monthly membership when I return home from my travels! Receiving a free car wash is nice and appreciated. Woody’s hired a great individual when they hired Randy I hope to see him again when I come back and get my membership.!! This place blows the competition away get your car to Woodies and get blown away with their excellent deals. ✋
Jennifer NorenJennifer Noren
19:22 06 Jul 24
Aiden is always amazing. He is so polite and with younger people you don’t see that as often. He is sweet as can be and is always working! We love moving from eager beaver to woodies best decision ever! Thank you!
Bryan DaceyBryan Dacey
17:43 03 Jul 24
Pete was amazing
alexandra gojlikalexandra gojlik
21:56 02 Jul 24
During my visit on the 30th, Diego was really informative on my wash options and even proceeded to help me choose the best one based on my car which was so helpful. i would definitely recommend this car wash to all of my friends and for them to speak to Diego for his incredible help.
Anne BackoverAnne Backover
15:03 02 Jul 24
We went to Woodie’s Wash Shack for the first time. We LOVED it. The attendant Russel was so nice and helpful! We’re visiting from Maryland and there’s nothing like this there, I hope it catches on in other states.
Bill DeNioBill DeNio
17:45 27 Jun 24
Pete is very helpful.
Valerie SmithValerie Smith
02:19 26 Jun 24
Nice car wash
Frederick MergosFrederick Mergos
20:14 21 Jun 24
Joshua helped me today when I left my keys in my car! Thank god for kind people and good workers!
Filip SlavovFilip Slavov
20:13 21 Jun 24
21:24 18 Jun 24
One stop shop. Easy, clean, efficient process. Friendly staff with all the supplies needed to drive away with a clean vehicle (inside and out)!
Katarzyna KlubaKatarzyna Kluba
01:19 11 Jun 24
Very nice and affordable place to wash your car! Highly recommended.
Janice MJanice M
14:58 07 Jun 24
Jason teally helped me out today! Great service, love Woodies!
scott cullenyscott culleny
22:01 05 Jun 24
Mallory was a big help
Michael LorinMichael Lorin
19:36 25 May 24
The outside of my car was filthy from many months of not getting a wash. For $10 this has exceeded my expectations. A very thorough car wash for sure for the price. I'll be back.
William E. Battles IIIWilliam E. Battles III
17:18 25 May 24
In my first year of the “Woodies Wash Rack” in Nokomis has been a total delight. I like the idea of going in whenever I want. I schedule at least once every two weeks to completely Vacuum the car and I get at least two washes a week. What I really want to put out there is “the staff”.From the very beginning to now they are the same efficient friendly and as I needed Yesterday there when you need them. I wanted to tip Crew Member Jason yesterday and he wouldn’t take it as it’s all part of the service. That was refreshing to say the least. I have recommended Woodies to several friends and I hope they sign on. I will continue to recommend the best Car Wash in the Venice area! WEBIII Bill
Dee SDee S
14:02 25 May 24
Thanks for the help with my car, Russel! Always appreciate your help! BEST CAR WASH IN SARASOTA!
Penny JohnsonPenny Johnson
16:31 11 May 24
Always clean and well stocked. Russ was helpful.
Elizabeth WilliamsElizabeth Williams
15:53 11 May 24
Christiana AndersonChristiana Anderson
20:40 09 May 24
As I made my first stop to pay, Mallory gave me the low down on all of my options, which she was super knowledgeable about. She was very friendly and kind. Then after I drove through, as I was drying off my car, Pete comes over and starts helping me! I tried to tip him, but they don't take them. They have everything - super sucker vacuums, clean towels, and friendly people and prices. Win win.
kamryn brownkamryn brown
16:58 09 May 24
Mallory was so kind and helpful!!! Great car wash!
Rick BianchiRick Bianchi
14:02 08 May 24
Russell was very helpful.
Jose ospinaJose ospina
17:49 26 Apr 24
Pete was very helpful and attentive.
Peggy BrewerPeggy Brewer
17:25 26 Apr 24
Pete the surfer was very nice and wiped down my car 😊
Yvonne KentYvonne Kent
22:38 25 Apr 24
Pete was so nice, he offered to wipe down our truck after we went through the car wash.
Jessica FernandezJessica Fernandez
16:42 25 Apr 24
Pete was great help after my wash!
george silviageorge silvia
14:00 24 Apr 24
Russell has been there from the beginning. Outstanding service and professionalism. Job well done. 🏌️‍♂️
Sean BosakSean Bosak
19:08 11 Apr 24
If you’re looking for a membership or a quick wash, you should meet Jason. Runs the place. Cares about his customers and is very professional. Best experience I’ve ever had
Donna RDonna R
18:24 10 Apr 24
Had our car washed today and it was great! They provide you with microfiber towels to dry your vehicle and also glass cleaner! Crew member, Russel was so kind to give us an air freshener for our car!!
Geoff BrownGeoff Brown
16:52 25 Mar 24
Best place in Venice flto get your car cleanedEverything you need to clean your carPlus a very helpful staff.
Brian KingBrian King
23:11 23 Mar 24
Very nice carwash. Nice and easy to use. The price is higher than others in the area but not by much. The vacuum area is very spacious and there are a lot of spots.
Eric WilderEric Wilder
12:20 20 Mar 24
Great car wash! Staff is always trying to force yet another air freshener on me😂. Russell is always there with a towel and a laugh!
Patrick JuniusPatrick Junius
21:41 12 Mar 24
Great place to get your vehicle washed. Very friendly employees and very clean establishment.
Popular ByNaturePopular ByNature
13:29 12 Mar 24
Russel was a great help today at Woodie’s!
Joyce MartinJoyce Martin
15:25 10 Mar 24
Thanks Pete for a great job!Joyce
16:55 09 Mar 24
Good stuff at Woodys
Rick BianchiRick Bianchi
15:31 09 Mar 24
Pete was helpful.
Janet StiefelJanet Stiefel
22:04 22 Feb 24
Chris was very helpful with our car washing experience. Thank you!
Lynette SepulvedaLynette Sepulveda
17:57 22 Feb 24
23:03 21 Feb 24
Mallory was really nice and showed good customer service!
Robert KeatorRobert Keator
21:35 21 Feb 24
The great news: Mallory is awesome! She really helped me today to point me in the right direction to combine two accounts. And, the staff at the Nokomis location is very good and attentive. The poor news about Woodies in general is that they seem to have two accounting/crm systems that do not interface and the license plate scanner does not generally work. Staff quote: "we have two systems that do not talk to one another - I can't verify your account - I will need you to show me a receipt..." It's a hassle for the staff and also for the customers.
21:30 07 Feb 24
this is my first time to woodies car wash, and I was very impressedNot only did I get a great car wash, but I have to say super. Thank you.toOne of their employees TAIBERShe set the tone with a beautiful smile, and extremely friendly, really made me feel special!!!A lot of places would never make you feel that wayThank you Woodies car washAnd especiallyTAIBER😊
Jerry ShaumJerry Shaum
16:16 06 Feb 24
Russel was very helpful and friendly today as I finished cleaning up my vehicle. He deserves a high five 🤚.
Jeremy KreppelJeremy Kreppel
16:14 06 Feb 24
Good wash and Crewmember Russ did a wonderful job!!
T LeachT Leach
15:52 06 Feb 24
Thx Russ!
Mark HendrixMark Hendrix
00:34 24 Jan 24
Russ helped me with my truck today! Love Woodies Wash Shack, the air hoses could be beefed up but overall they are great and a great wash! Very helpful and great customer care attitude!
michael croninmichael cronin
19:26 23 Jan 24
Great service! Very friendly!
Andie JonesAndie Jones
18:55 23 Jan 24
Great service and Chris was so helpful getting our big truck through the wash! 10/10 recommend!!
Mike GossettMike Gossett
16:44 23 Jan 24
Jann LeachJann Leach
15:24 23 Jan 24
Thx Russ have a great weeKend!
Jorgito TvdJorgito Tvd
22:16 08 Jan 24
Judy SpillerJudy Spiller
21:20 08 Jan 24
Chris wiped my car windows after the wash. Very nice and friendly
Chase CauseyChase Causey
21:14 08 Jan 24
Joe really helped me out today, best car wash in town.
Jamie OlsonJamie Olson
21:03 08 Jan 24
Chris did a wonderful job helping me out today. Always so kind and friendly.
Mallory CushmanMallory Cushman
20:07 08 Jan 24
Natalie did amazing, it’s nice seeing new faces around here. Keep up the good work!
Lisa RobinsLisa Robins
20:47 24 Dec 23
Wash was great, Chris was great! Nokomis location 🙂
George ParkerGeorge Parker
20:29 24 Dec 23
Chris did a great on Christmas eve!
Kira SchneiderKira Schneider
20:07 24 Dec 23
Today Dec 24, Mark helped us dry off Bob's 4Runner.
Keely SeymourKeely Seymour
19:04 24 Dec 23
I absolutely LOVE this wash! Everyone should get a membership here!
Teri KennedyTeri Kennedy
19:01 24 Dec 23
My first time at Woody’s, and Chris was very nice and helpful I would highly recommend.
Bryan UrbuteitBryan Urbuteit
02:50 10 Dec 23
Great place to get my truck all shined up for the weekend! Shout out to Chris. Thanks for the great advice!Bryan
Alivia SmithAlivia Smith
00:38 10 Dec 23
Zay is very good with his customers , normally I have my husband go to the wash for me but today I went myself and zay hleped me with everything ! 5 starts for him!
Pam ColemanPam Coleman
22:47 09 Dec 23
Very pleasant and helpful with supplies available. Zay is highly recommended for her services.
Rose McPartlandRose McPartland
21:43 09 Dec 23
great service today, zay greeted me with a friendly face & offered to dry my car aswell as clean my mats 10/10 experience... first time at woodies i totally recommend and will be coming back! 🙂
John ChamberlainJohn Chamberlain
20:15 09 Dec 23
craig crowecraig crowe
23:35 24 Nov 23
Thanks Joshua!
Stephen SutmireStephen Sutmire
23:16 24 Nov 23
Joshua did a great job!
Brenley SwaffordBrenley Swafford
20:44 24 Nov 23
everyone was so helpful and nice
Craig-Denny MaddenCraig-Denny Madden
20:30 24 Nov 23
Christopher LeiperChristopher Leiper
20:29 24 Nov 23
Great car wash. Joshua was super helpful and came out to hand dry our car while we were vacuuming.
Bill SimoBill Simo
01:28 10 Nov 23
Pete was great at helping make my truck look great.
glenn kotchglenn kotch
00:11 10 Nov 23
Today I was at Woodie’s for a wash. Truck was parked at the airport and was in desperate need of a quality wash. Russ was there to help and done an outstanding job as usual. Thanks Russ.
Nancy Grau RutledgeNancy Grau Rutledge
23:09 09 Nov 23
We love this place. Has everything you need to detail your car before and after the wash. Chris at check in was great! Russ, in the vacuum area was so helpful and sweet! I wish we had a place like this near Cleveland OH!
22:12 09 Nov 23
Pete & person signing me up for my membership were outstanding. Thanks so much for making it an easy process.
David MontanoDavid Montano
21:16 09 Nov 23
Peepers was great. Thank you!
Tommy ChildersTommy Childers
00:29 26 Oct 23
Friendly and helpful. Awesome place.
Terese DenewethTerese Deneweth
23:26 25 Oct 23
Loving going to Woodie’s Wash Shack here in Venice Florida and Zay is an amazing employee!! We always talk about the ducks that get exchanged with fellow Jeepers as we both have a love for handing out ducks and bringing smiles and stories to others. Zay is a keeper 😊😊😊
Theodore DaughertyTheodore Daugherty
23:21 25 Oct 23
Very helpful and a delightful team
Tim SpitzTim Spitz
23:18 25 Oct 23
Zay was great
Kelly CorbinKelly Corbin
23:04 25 Oct 23
Zay was Super nice!! Very detailed & helpful info shared
Alan MyerAlan Myer
00:37 11 Oct 23
Friendly staff, wash did a very good job
Martin SMartin S
22:28 10 Oct 23
Excellent service from Joshua S.
Cheryl HaylesCheryl Hayles
20:28 10 Oct 23
Zay is awesome! explained everything. very patient person. will come back
linda antelmilinda antelmi
19:53 10 Oct 23
Great crew on today! Thanks Anthony!
Joe MuellerJoe Mueller
19:41 10 Oct 23
10/09/23I really enjoy this car wash service. They have so many helpful employees always offering their assistance to dry off you vehicle after the wash. Last week, I went thru the wash twice and was fortunate to have Angel, Joshua S. and Mark all helped me to dry off the vehicle.Thank you guys,Joe M
Darrin LoftusDarrin Loftus
19:13 29 Sep 23
Pete was very friendly and helpful. Thank you!
Sarah StraczekSarah Straczek
18:56 29 Sep 23
Chris was very nice!
Annie NagleAnnie Nagle
18:54 29 Sep 23
Chris was super helpful in getting me signed up for the monthly membership deal.He went above and beyond.
Michael A ConsentinoMichael A Consentino
18:52 29 Sep 23
Once again, Pete did a great jobs helping me dry my truck, would recommend this carwash!!!! High Five Pete!!!
Larry CovelloneLarry Covellone
18:33 29 Sep 23
Pete in number one
Janet LightfootJanet Lightfoot
01:14 15 Sep 23
Great car wash!! Pete was very friendly and helpful. They have ALL the things to clean your car. Vacuums work great, a mat wash , and free bug removal (do it yourself) This will be my new car wash for sure.
22:04 14 Sep 23
Chris was great ti explain all options
Megan OMegan O
20:30 14 Sep 23
Vacuums alone are worth a membership. Pete has been so kind and helpful the last 3x I’ve been. The place is great!
William MaroukisWilliam Maroukis
18:45 14 Sep 23
Jeff NoccioliJeff Noccioli
17:26 14 Sep 23
Chris was great!
Ashley SpanglerAshley Spangler
22:52 01 Sep 23
Juan and Salvador are awesome! Helped clean the car and were super friendly.
Dmitriy MoverguzDmitriy Moverguz
22:33 01 Sep 23
Great place with awesome vacuums. Angel was very helpful!
Scott LowmasterScott Lowmaster
21:40 01 Sep 23
Great job
Scott RajzerScott Rajzer
20:02 01 Sep 23
Great outstanding job Juan!!
Chris GabrielChris Gabriel
20:01 01 Sep 23
Excellent work by Juan! I can’t wait to come back
Lindsay WegesinLindsay Wegesin
23:28 12 Aug 23
This is seriously the BEST car wash I have ever been to!!! Woodys has earned my business for life! Angel and Mark both came and helped dry my car and we’re both were super friendly and helped me get all set up with a membership. The prices are excellent and the car wash did a great job and was so much fun!! My kids will want to get a car wash everyday!! Seriously, check out Woodys! I promise you’ll be just as pleased as I am!!
Sophie CsorbaSophie Csorba
17:32 08 Aug 23
I just gotta say today was my first time here and I will always go to them from now and forward. They have everything provided to have your car super clean! The staff specifically Pete was so helpful! Thank you guys.
Allison SchaeferAllison Schaefer
23:57 27 Jul 23
Brought my white minivan here after a long road trip had it in desperate need of a wash. Paid $24 and was pleased until I looked at the back of my car. You can clearly see in the photo where parts didn't get cleaned at all, and most of the back has streaky dirt remaining. There are also places like this on the side doors, around the mirrors, etc. If it was a $12 wash, this would maybe be acceptable. But for $24 I expect much better.
Was so excited they finally openedI wash my car weekly and knew this would be the place to go, when I arrived everyone was so nice!! Joseph was so helpful in assisting me to take my roof rack off so I could go into the car wash, once I finished the wash, I knew I made a great decision! The car looked amazing, and all the extra benefits, from floor mat wash, to clearing supplies, vacuum and air hose to blow out crumbs. My car looks show room new!I highly recommend woody!Everyone was incredibly helpful, from the young lady showing me how to use the extra features to Eric introducing him self to made sure everything was great. And it was!!!2nd trip and it was just amazing as the first! This week I met Russ , such a dear man, he wiped the back of my van while I did the front, he even gave me a cute little air freshener! They never disappoint!Even the sweet young man that welcomed me when I pulled into the “ member “ isle, remembered me from last week… there more then a car wash they are a group of individuals that want you to truly enjoy your time experience.Every time I come home after my car wash I tell my husband what a great experience I had , he laughs and says “ WOW, It must be because you never stop talking about it” lol7/12 Today I met Colton, such a pleasant young man, was very helpful and wiped my car down with not a speck of water remained.Last week 7/ 6 I had mark and William assist in helping me finish cleaning my carI love this place and look forward to coming to get my car washed weekly.July 22ndSo let me tell you how adorable Zay is…. Came off to help clean our car that had dried grass on it … and scrubbed and scrubbed, even offered to let us go thru again.I have to add EVERY TIME I swing in to get my van washed, your attendance always makes us feel special, thank you for all that you do, I LOVE coming to Woodys!!
Alexis WhitmoreAlexis Whitmore
16:05 24 Jun 23
Definitely my favorite car wash in the area, the employees are kind and welcoming. The car wash is super fun to drive through with all the bright lights and fun colors. You certainly get your moneys worth with Woodie’s Wash Shack. They have a vaccine system, towels, all purpose cleaner and glass clean at the end to get the details on your own. And I got the cutest car freshener!
Lorin DaniluckLorin Daniluck
23:57 12 May 23
loved the everything about this place including the vacuums, actual car wash, mats wash, and the obviously the people. Met Julie working on 5/12/23 she helped me with the entire process of the car wash and helped me fine the car freshers and the mats cleaner. Thank you Woodies and Thank you Julie!!!
Tina SmithTina Smith
20:47 04 May 23
Aw geez , I wish I could give them a 5 . It was awkward trying to find where to go in at driving from 41. Maybe easier from the side road .Rome was very friendly and personable , then the staff member that directs you in was nice too. It would take me a few times to get use to driving onto a conveyor belt . That’s just me though.I’m just really disappointed how my car turned out for a single car wash that normally costs $30. The air dryers did not dry my car off enough so when I drove off the water splashed all over leaving spots . And it just doesn’t wipe off with a cloth , you need a little elbow grease .Nokomis definitely needed a better car wash than what we have . I know it’ll take time to get the kinks out . but I personally can’t see spending 50$ a month for the car wash if I gotta get out there and detail my car more .I do wish Woodies much success though .