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  • New app users: enter code “SURF5” to get $5 off your next month!
  • If you’re having issues with anything app-related, please utilize our “Need Assistance?” button within the app
  • OR call (855) 559-3355

Please note, our corporate office is open Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm

Membership Perks:

• Endless Monthly Washes! (limit of one per day, every day, all month!)

• Portable Membership – wash at ALL of our locations!

• Member’s Only Lanes – Avoid the wait and get in quickly!

• Member’s Only Giveaways – Free tickets to events like the Grand Prix or Bucs Games!

• Membership Rewards – Woodie’s Goodies!

• Free Wash Amenities – Air Fresheners, Towels, Clean Solutions, and Scents!

• Courtesy Plus Service- VIP Treatment from our Stellar Surf Crew!

Membership Perks:

Woodie’s is rapidly expanding to give you even more convenience of use wherever you work, live, or play!

Click HERE for locations!

Credit Card Management

To update your card information inside the app, follow the instructions in this guide!

WElcome to the family!


Welcome to the Woodie’s fom! We’re so stoked you decided to join our Endless Wash Club! It’s no secret thot our cor wash facilities ore classy, sparkling clean, and well-designed, but do you know the rest of the story? We ore inspired by the surf culture of the 196Os, which is where our Woodie Surf Wagon Icon comes from!

Driving into one of our facilities will take you to a tropical locale as you hear the sounds of Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, and the Beach Boys. You’ll smell coconut and feel the waves and the sun as you cruise through our tunnel!

The Woodie’s Mission is to make a difference in the lives of others by creating on oasis of EPIC amounts of courtesy, clean, fun and opportunity. By providing exceptional customer service, the best technology in the industry, and a unique membership program, we ore creating the best experience in the boy!

In this bog, you will find tons of epic Woodie’s Goodies and resources for navigating your new membership. WE TRULY CARE about you, your family, and your vehicle. We wont every visit to be one thot makes a difference in your day; If you experience anything less, just let us know so we con make it right!

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Donald Phillips

“The Big Kahuna”