Is It Safe to Use Express Car Washes?

These days, it’s hard to find an express car wash that will treat you and your vehicle with the same respect as car washes did back in the “old-school” days. It is important to look for an express wash that will give your car a safe and effective wash, to protect your car and keep it shining without the risk of damage.

Many express car washes use chain & roller conveyor systems that can damage your tires or rims and don’t stand a chance fitting your dually! Although washing at home may seem like the only solution left, we think there is a better way.

At Woodie’s, we feature the most cutting-edge and safe technology in the automatic car wash industry. This means no more worrying about damaged tires or a tunnel that is too small! Our conveyor belt is completely safe on rims and tires and our extra wide tunnel can accommodate vehicles up to 7’2” wide and 7’2” tall.

woodies wash shack express car wash rolls royce

Additionally, our wash tunnels are 100+ ft. long, meaning we can offer you additional services and longer wash times. Starting to sound more like the “old-school” vehicle treatment you’re looking for?

woodies wash shack express car wash bentley

It doesn’t stop there! Once you exit the tunnel, you’ll be assisted by our surf crew, who will treat your car with the utmost care and respect, inside and out. This is the Courtesy Plus service we provide to every customer. Need help filling your tires or scrubbing your mats? Our crew has your back!

woodies wash shack express car wash

Woodie’s is an exceptional express car wash with the benefit of Courtesy Plus service. Everything we do is to give you and your vehicle the highest quality wash, EPIC care and best customer service you’ll ever find (these days, that is!)



So what are you waiting for? Stop by Woodie’s Wash Shack today and give your car the clean and care it deserves from an express car wash and more!