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What is Graphene Xtreme?

Graphene is an innovative compound that is new to the car wash industry. Graphene is one of the hardest materials on earth, even harder than diamond, and forms a honeycomb structure that works well as a surface hardener and protectant, making it ideal as a premium product for car wash packages.

Ceramic Coating vs. Graphene Coating

     What was the last big innovation you can remember for car washing? Chances are, unless you’re in the industry or are a car enthusiast, you’re probably reaching way back to think of something that changed the way you washed your car. Graphene is the biggest innovation in car care since the invention of the ceramic coating car wash, and here’s why.

The benefits of a Graphene Car Wash

    Graphene isn’t exactly new anymore. It was first discovered and isolated in 2004 and has gained traction in many industries as a “miracle material.” Some of the qualities that make it an excellent additive for a car coating are its water and dust resistance, flexibility, and top-of-the-industry durability.


    There are some specific areas where graphene is specifically going to give you more than your run-of-the-mill ceramic coating. It is less prone to water-spotting than a ceramic coat because it has a higher contact angle. This means that you will get more water beading off your car. The same anti-static properties that make graphene such a great material for use in electronics also make it repel dust before it can stick to your car, keeping your car looking its freshest for longer. Finally, graphene’s durability comes not only from its flexibility allowing it to expand and contract with different temperatures, but also from its exceptional strength, which is over 200x stronger than steel at the same thickness.


    The only thing stronger than a graphene coating is a Woodie’s Wash Shack wash (only because it can come with graphene). Woodie’s Wash Shack car washes are equipped to give your car the top-of-the-line finish you deserve with its RainX graphene coating option. If you want to lock in the clean car look your car has after a Woodie’s Wash Shack Wash, come get a graphene coat, and you won’t ever look back.


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