good vibes & clean rides!

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Good Vibes and Clean Rides

At Woodie’s Wash Shack, we’re all about blending the stoke of surf culture with the sparkle of top-tier car wash services, creating the ultimate hangout for “good vibes and clean rides.” It’s not just about cruising through for a quick clean; it’s about riding the wave of community spirit and vehicle care excellence. Here, every wash is an opportunity to hang loose and experience the best in cleanliness and camaraderie.

Woodie's wash shack - Where Every Car Wash Is a Beach Party!

Imagine a place where the car wash experience feels like catching the perfect wave under a sunny sky. Woodie’s Wash Shack is that spot, where “good vibes and clean rides” come to life, and every customer gets a warm, surfer’s welcome. From the moment you paddle in, you’re part of a crew that values pristine rides and the laid-back lifestyle of surf culture.

Drop In at Woodie’s for Good Vibes and Clean Rides

Becoming part of the Woodie’s family means embracing the surf lifestyle where “good vibes and clean rides” are the daily catch. We invite you to sign up for the Endless Wash Club and dive into a world where the cleanliness of your car and the quality of your experience are our top priorities.


Slide into Woodie’s Wash Shack and let us show you why our blend of expert car wash services and a chill, surf-inspired atmosphere makes us the gnarliest spot in town. Visit us today and see how we bring “good vibes and clean rides” to life, one shiny car at a time.


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