Fleet Programs

Custom Programs and Company discounts!

Convenient washing of all vehicles in your fleet with one master account!

Fleet Overview

With our custom fleet discount programs, you can feel at ease knowing your fleet of vehicles are leaving a lasting first impression of cleanliness! Depending on the size and nature of your fleet, our dedicated fleet team is sure to help find a surfboard fit for your waves!

How it works

Corresponding to your size/type of fleet, there is a discount program for you. Whether that be our “Fleet Club” program, or our “Fleet Performance” program, your employees can enjoy seamless washing at all of our wash shack locations as everything is tracked within the Woodie’s App. Each Fleet will appoint a “Fleet Admin” for the account who will have untethered access to a “Fleet Management Portal” where they will have full transparency and control over the fleet account! 

Streamline Fleet with the Woodie's App!

  • Manage your account
  • View/Edit Account Information
  • Add/Remove Authorized Users
  • Add/Remove Authorized Vehicles
  • View Detailed Usage History
  • View Activity Logs
  • View Billing History
  • And More!


Fleet Club

  • BY VEHICLE Program
  • Membership Program
  • Employees must be in authorized vehicle
  • Each VEHICLE has a discounted membership
  • Each membership is charged a monthly fee
  • Each VEHICLE can wash every day
  • The more cars in the fleet, the more you save!

Fleet Performance

  • BY USER Program
  • Pay-per-wash Program
  • Employees must be an authorized user
  • Each USER will have access to fleet’s app
  • Each USER generates a bar code to wash
  • Each USER can wash every day
  • The more you wash, the more you save!

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