Fleet Programs

Custom Programs and Company discounts!

Convenient washing of all vehicles in your fleet with one master account!

Fleet Programs

With our Fleet Club (by vehicle) program, each authorized vehicle in your fleet is setup with a discounted membership that allows for each vehicle to be washed every single day of the month for one, low, monthly fee. Because this is BY VEHICLE, your employees MUST be in one of the authorized vehicles as our license plate readers will automatically detect the license plate and let them through!

Our “Fleet Performance” (by user) program is is our Pay-Per-Wash plan and is best for a rotating inventory of vehicles. Your fleet can wash as much as desired and feel confident you’re getting your money’s worth! Because this is BY USER, your employees can use their mobile app to wash any of your fleet vehicles without issues!

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1.) Fleet Club

Monthly Plans. Best for a defined set of vehicles

Fleet Club members enjoy an endless number of

washes throughout the month for one, low,

fixed price that fits within your budget!

The more cars in your fleet, the more you save!

1.) Fleet Performance

Use Plans. Best for an undefined set of vehicles

If you have a rotating inventory or want to pay per wash,

 this program is for you. Your fleet can wash as much as 

desired and you will be billed based on the usage!

The more you wash, the more you save!

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