Woodie’s is protecting our oceans and waterways

We recycle 30-40% of the water we use!

WaterSavers® is a recognition program from the International Carwash Association® designed to help professional car washes promote their environmentally responsible business practices. It is open to all car washes meeting the following program criteria.

The Woodie's Commitment To The Environment

Our goal is to be the most eco-friendly car wash in the biz.

Used Water is Recycled
Gallons of Water Per Car*

Many people don’t realize washing cars at home is one of the most environmentally unfriendly chores we do. Unlike household wastewater that is filtered through sewage treatment plants and septic systems, wastewater from cars washed in the street enters storm drains. Wastewater from at-home washing can be filled with gasoline, detergents, oils, and other residues. This concoction enters storm drains that feed directly into local rivers, streams and lakes where the chemical residues can poison aquatic life and destroy ecosystems.

Water used at Woodie’s Wash Shack is sent through filtration systems and is treated before re-entering ecosystems so that no harsh chemicals or detergents get released into the environment. Highly pressurized systems minimize water usage, and eco-friendly filtration systems allow approximately 30-40% of water to be recycled. Washing at home can use up to 140 gallons of water, while washing at a Woodie’s uses an average of 15 gallons of water per car.

*Based upon average home usage. Home use may vary.