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    Welcome to Woodie’s Wash Shack, your premier car wash destination located at 24749 FL-54, Lutz, FL 33559. As the fourth addition to our esteemed car wash network and our inaugural location in Lutz, Woodie’s Wash Shack is proud to connect North Tampa with the rest of our Woodie’s family across Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.


    Conveniently situated along State Road 54 (SR-54), our car wash serves as the perfect stop for both local residents and travelers passing through the area. Whether you’re in Lutz, Odessa, or searching for the nearest car wash, Woodie’s Wash Shack is your go-to destination for all your automotive cleaning needs.


    At Woodie’s Wash Shack, we are dedicated to providing a top-notch car wash experience that exceeds your expectations. Our commitment to cleanliness, shine, and attention to detail sets us apart as the best car wash in town. From thorough exterior cleaning to meticulous self-interior detailing, we offer a wide range of services to ensure your vehicle looks its absolute best. Our self-service options provide you with the flexibility to customize your car wash experience, allowing you to give your vehicle the attention it deserves. Additionally, our professional detailing services are available for those who seek the highest level of care and expertise for their automobiles.


    We understand the value of convenience and strive to make your car wash experience as seamless as possible. Woodie’s Wash Shack offers membership options that grant you access to endless car washes, providing unlimited cleanliness for your vehicle without any hassle. Embracing the latest in car wash technology, our express and touchless wash systems guarantee a thorough and efficient cleaning process. Every nook and cranny of your vehicle will be attended to, leaving it gleaming and spotless.


    Woodie’s Wash Shack in Lutz represents our continued commitment to excellence, delivering exceptional service and results that you can trust. Come visit us today at 24749 FL-54, Lutz, FL 33559, and experience the Woodie’s Wash Shack difference for yourself.



Mike S.
Mike S.
Real Woodie's Member
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I just left this car wash. As I drove by, I thought man, that's the nicest car wash I've ever seen. I've got to say everyone at this car wash was outstanding. Big thanks to the attendant ( Didn't get his name but he was awesome) Francis,Javonte and Noel L in the vacuum area. They cleaned my rims and wiped the car down, refusing to accept a tip. I'll go out of my way to come back here! Outstanding!!There’s lots of membership options and it’s worth every penny!
Alex M.
Alex M.
Real Woodie's Customer!
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This is not your typical drive thru car wash. When you come to Woodie’s you’re coming to the best! The staff knows how to provide that top notch service that will keep you coming back. If you’re like, and you value great services, from great people at an affordable price then Woodies is for you. My man Francis always have me looking clean!
Dai'shawn H.
Real Woodie's Customer
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Awesome experience as always, they offer everything you need to tidy up your ride. AP Cleaner, Window Cleaner, Compressed Air, Matt Cleaners, Etc... Their associates will also come and help you towel dry your vehicle. Alex Adams walked me through the whole process of getting signed up and also helped me dry my vehicle, safe to say they have my business!
Ashley C.
Ashley C.
Real Woodie's Customer
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Let me start by saying that I came here on impulse, they have a wonderful prep station with bug remover and tire pre wash as well as a nifty machine that scrubs your carpets clean, Alex was wonderful from the start explaining what each wash contained and helping us pick the best one, once we came out he helped dry our and explained about the window cleaner station and towels he then proceeded to personally apply tire shine. He definitely went above and beyond and will spread the work and of course come back. I am very pleased with this car wash.
Debbie StanfieldDebbie Stanfield
22:16 10 Jul 24
Danie wiped down my car for me after the wash while I vacuumed and wiped down the inside. She was very friendly and polite.
04:36 10 Jul 24
Austin is a great asset to this company!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇Aurora was so kind to me today on a rainy day! I greatly appreciated your customer service today!🙏🙏❤️🙏🙏🙏
18:35 09 Jul 24
Danie was a great help, always a pleasure stopping by! She was super friendly and met with a nice smile! Thanks for the air freshener!
Brandi DavisBrandi Davis
22:27 08 Jul 24
I visited for the first time today and used my free car wash. The employee was really sweet. However, after I left I noticed my car looked the same. There’s still grass and bugs on the front of my car. The wash was supposed to include car shine but it wasn’t applied well. My free wash is the Wipeout, which is $24 for a single wash. There’s no way I would pay this much.
Karen CriswellKaren Criswell
10:01 22 Jun 24
Nice, friendly service. Plus, super clean car wash with exterior services included in the wash.
jorge Buckleyjorge Buckley
22:36 19 Jun 24
Hayden was very helpful and courteous!
Valeria ColonValeria Colon
21:19 19 Jun 24
Hayden took the time to dry off my entire exterior 🙂 I love this car wash the kindest people work here!
Eddie MercadoEddie Mercado
13:27 18 Jun 24
Great car wash and helpful people.
20:43 07 Jun 24
Sam was amazing!! Offered my daughter a beach ball and popsicle 🙏🏾 even she said he was so nice lol. Definitely the best car wash!
Hannah CrowleyHannah Crowley
16:13 07 Jun 24
Beautiful site! Coming from a fellow GM at a car wash on the other coast of Florida this site is gorgeous. Jorge is a treasure. The drying agent and bug goo, and overall chemistry of the tunnel is top notch! Kuddos to a fellow GM running this site!
Toni LawrenceToni Lawrence
15:40 06 Jun 24
Excellent facility with new technology. Staff is super friendly. Especially, Sam who helped and other patrons finish detailing the cars.Thank you SAM!!
Nate GrasseNate Grasse
00:26 05 Jun 24
Loved it
Anneliese HollingAnneliese Holling
18:56 24 May 24
No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade, Hector is the best hire for management this place has made. He explained the usage of the floor mat cleaner, I saw him assisting others, checking in to make sure you were still doing good, going above and beyond for every client that came through while I was there. One of the best experiences I have ever had cleaning my car. And their wash works as long as you use everything correctly bc my car has never looked nicer.
Andy JaikaranAndy Jaikaran
17:58 24 May 24
Jorge helped me out today. Super good guy
LeAnn ElliottLeAnn Elliott
12:50 24 May 24
I’ve enjoyed the great customer service up until now. They are disappointing at the corporate level. I came in at the affinity level (which is not offered any more) and they will NOT honor the lifesaver program (both my husband and I are nurses). They said since I’m already getting a low price offer (nevermind we are paying for three cars!), that we are not eligible for the lifesaver program. There is NO fine print indicating that. I’m very disappointed in a company who has a special offer, but won’t honor it.
Malik SneadMalik Snead
02:20 24 May 24
Annette TaylorAnnette Taylor
22:42 23 May 24
Woodys is a great car wash. Hector was a great help.As soon as I parked to dry my car off he immediately came over with fresh towels in hand to help me. Everyone there is so nice.
Caroline MeirelesCaroline Meireles
18:23 09 May 24
Asked for TOUCHLESS car wash like 3 times and did not receive touchless. If you actually care about your car go somewhere else. They were like oops sorry
Vanessa CamilleVanessa Camille
18:46 07 May 24
I’m disgusted with this establishment.They teach their employees to be deceitful and trick customers into memberships without their knowledge. Yesterday I discovered that I’ve been getting charged since March. I had no ideaWhen I called and canceled the worker wanted to argue and said “you signed the terms and conditions”The employee that signed me up sold it to me under a rouse, I thought the promotion was whatever car wash you buy today you get for the rest of the month.Very disgusted with this place and disappointed.WILL NOT BE BACK AND DEFINITELY DO NOT RECOMMEND
Boumansour YousraBoumansour Yousra
17:15 06 May 24
The best car wash in the Wesley Chapel area, highly recommended. The single wash is priced at $14. They provide towels and cleaning products. The customer service was good, and the bathroom was very clean. This will definitely be my go-to car wash spot.
Mykel PurifoyMykel Purifoy
21:55 24 Apr 24
Loved the attention to detail🤙🏾
Madison ColonMadison Colon
13:08 24 Apr 24
Tori PuskaricTori Puskaric
21:09 23 Apr 24
Sam went above and beyond! I asked him what would be best to clean bugs off the front of my car and he pointed me in the right direction and then cleaned it off for me! A little bit later he came around and offered me a popsicle. Best experience going here thus far
Brittany DalyBrittany Daly
16:34 23 Apr 24
SAM is great! He helped me get all of the bug guts off of my car with a big smile on his face. Great work. Thanks Sam!
Moses JordanMoses Jordan
21:03 09 Apr 24
Leah is doing a great job.
savannah lawrencesavannah lawrence
20:31 09 Apr 24
Diane pushed me three times asking me if I wanted to purchase a membership. No means no.
Haley LyonsHaley Lyons
18:37 09 Apr 24
Pleasant experience, thanks Sam for helping wipe my car!
Brenden RollinsonBrenden Rollinson
16:49 08 Apr 24
greenberg morochogreenberg morocho
16:19 08 Apr 24
Francheska was amazing. They help clean and made us feel wanted. She was very helpful on the app with me.
Glenn EspritGlenn Esprit
23:51 24 Mar 24
Long day , too lazy to wash at home . Stopped by woodies and had it washed , Hayden hand dried my car for zero additional charge . Imma happy customer .
gabriel carreragabriel carrera
22:55 24 Mar 24
Danny was the best she had great customer service:)
Zoe RidgeZoe Ridge
19:50 24 Mar 24
Danie provided exceptional service, paying attention to detail and she had such a friendly demeanor. My car has never looked better! Highly recommended.
Carol ToledoCarol Toledo
01:32 24 Mar 24
Chris and Jordan were excellent! They were friendly and professional and made sure my car was clean and dry! I would definitely recommend Woodys to my friends!
Alexandra MayAlexandra May
00:33 24 Mar 24
Milayna KokeschMilayna Kokesch
23:31 06 Mar 24
DANIE was amazing!! Great car wash!!
20:38 06 Mar 24
Car came out squeaky clean and Danie helped me dry the car with rags. Thank you!
Darius ShermanDarius Sherman
22:26 05 Mar 24
Overall great service and would definitely recommend to others. Got help from Danie who recommended the lifesaver program for veterans and service personnel.
Abygail MouzakisAbygail Mouzakis
00:01 21 Feb 24
This was my first time at this location and I had a great experience. Sam was so helpful and friendly. He helped me set up my membership and talked to me about the options and deals. Thanks Sam!!
Hoa ViHoa Vi
22:36 20 Feb 24
Leah and Hayden did a fabulous job! Thank you.
Juan CartagenaJuan Cartagena
17:43 20 Feb 24
Ok kinda off topic but damn! Every girl here is smoking hot yall got some stunners are you guys hiring models sheesh. Oh great Carwash by the way👍🏽 only critique is the bug wash / foam bucket gets dirty so often I feel it should be changed out hourly or something washing my car with dirt sometimes
Wendy SullivanWendy Sullivan
03:56 17 Feb 24
First time here, and Cole was very helpful getting started. Good wash, extremely strong vacuums, and the little air blowers in the vacuum area were very helpful getting dog hair out of interior crevices.
Marianne JMarianne J
03:18 17 Feb 24
Crew members Brian Wiped our car down after car wash. Very pleasant
03:13 06 Feb 24
20:07 05 Feb 24
I love this place Dakota & Michael helped me out with keeping my car's squeaky clean and showed me all of the cleaning supplies that are available.
Justo R CedenoJusto R Cedeno
15:17 05 Feb 24
First time and I’ll make sure I’ll keep the membership. Nick was very helpful he help me dry my car
Lilian MendezLilian Mendez
00:17 22 Jan 24
Great Job Austin - Thank you!!!
Ashley SchuylerAshley Schuyler
14:24 21 Jan 24
Hayden did a great job drying my car, explaining how membership works, and giving me an air freshener! Really glad I got a membership here 🙂 thank you Hayden!
Sir Frisco FoodieSir Frisco Foodie
02:08 21 Jan 24
Friendly and helpful staff
Ron DeRenzoRon DeRenzo
01:51 21 Jan 24
Woodie's DRY Team this weekend introduced me to Brian. A fellow New Yorker who hoped on the X5 with a ton of enthusiasm and energy.Exceptional customer focus WAY TO GO Brian. THANKS FOR THE HELP WITH THE BIMMER.
Alex TrejosAlex Trejos
00:52 07 Jan 24
Kevin was extremely helpful and provided a good customer service
Cesar RiosCesar Rios
23:36 06 Jan 24
Cole and Brian did a great job, very friendly. took good care of me today 👍🏻
Steven sSteven s
22:46 06 Jan 24
I joined the membership program a few weeks ago. It’s been a great carwash so far they even help wipe down your vehicle which is nice. Thanks Brian for helping out with the post wash details and wipe down!
Rebecca KuykendallRebecca Kuykendall
22:15 06 Jan 24
Eddie and Rafael were very friendly and went above and beyond to make sure my car wash experience was pleasant and that my car was in perfect shape after they dried it. They also rinsed my weathertec mats.
Taylor OliveriTaylor Oliveri
21:40 06 Jan 24
Had another great experience! Joseph was so helpful.
Jose Luis Toro GarciaJose Luis Toro Garcia
23:46 22 Dec 23
Brian is a very nice person, great service
Chris EskelinenChris Eskelinen
18:49 22 Dec 23
Great and friendly service. Your team should be commended.
17:33 22 Dec 23
Edgar gave me amazing service as he dried my car while I vacuumed as well as gave me an air freshener! Will be back:)
Tracy HallTracy Hall
17:15 22 Dec 23
Kevin is always cheerful and ready to help wipe down the cars. Thanks for quickly jumping in to dry off our vehicles with a smile!
Excellent 100% recommended Dakota very nice 👍
Juan CortesJuan Cortes
18:36 07 Dec 23
Matt very kind good service that Woodie’s it is very clean 👍👍
Heidi BiringerHeidi Biringer
16:54 07 Dec 23
Austin was very helpful with drying and polishing my car. I purchased a monthly membership at Woody’s, and I’m very happy with the service! Highly recommend.
Max FoleyMax Foley
15:43 07 Dec 23
Cole did an amazing job and asked for his assistance more than once , Great job
Ryan PhillipsRyan Phillips
14:03 07 Dec 23
Best wash around. Fair prices and brand new equipment that works great. Team members are always very helpful. Shoutout to Mat specifically for his help. Highly recommend
Johanna LaskerJohanna Lasker
01:21 23 Nov 23
Very nice! The wash missed a couple of spots but nothing I didn't expect for an automatic wash. The staff is why I gave it 5 stars, the girl who greeted me was super nice and a kevin came over and wiped my car down while I used the vacuum. I was surprised how pleasant it all was and the free air freshener was a nice bonus
Lee MendozaLee Mendoza
00:28 23 Nov 23
Don NeumanDon Neuman
23:20 22 Nov 23
Merry Christmas to the crew at woodies and thanks Brian and Jorge for helping
Raging LunaticRaging Lunatic
20:59 22 Nov 23
Austin was great. Helped with drying and loved it. Kudos to ya bud.
Ashley RodriguezAshley Rodriguez
19:14 22 Nov 23
very sweet workers. love their help!
Somto UmeSomto Ume
01:19 08 Nov 23
Kevin was very helpful and has good customer service.
Steisy batistaSteisy batista
01:06 08 Nov 23
Franchesca job cleaning my Tesla happy to be a member at woodies thank you
samuel batistasamuel batista
01:05 08 Nov 23
Franchesca excellent staff and good service I recommend it
Happyhorse World800Happyhorse World800
21:19 07 Nov 23
Kylie and Alora Did a beautiful job on my car
Kelly EricksonKelly Erickson
21:03 07 Nov 23
Friendly and great customer service! Kevin did an amazing job! My car is looking brand new!
Nick VillarrealNick Villarreal
19:16 23 Oct 23
Chris was super helpful and helped me tremendously with cleaning my car!
Michael LiMichael Li
18:37 23 Oct 23
Aulora was very helpful!
Diego CordobaDiego Cordoba
16:18 23 Oct 23
Aulora did an amazing job for me today!
Angela DooleyAngela Dooley
15:59 23 Oct 23
Thank you Chris!
Troy StephensTroy Stephens
15:54 23 Oct 23
Aulora and Chris were phenomenal!!! Great service, very friendly, very happy for my membership and quality of service at this location.
Letha McCarthyLetha McCarthy
19:12 27 Sep 23
Micheal V was very nice and dried my car
Alonna VageenAlonna Vageen
19:02 27 Sep 23
Daniel EdgarDaniel Edgar
18:54 27 Sep 23
Austin did a great job again. Excellent car wash with all of the right tools at the end to finish up your detail. Also, the bug removal station is super helpful during love-bug season.
Joel WaveletJoel Wavelet
17:02 27 Sep 23
Michael V takes for taking such good care of the car
Keon GrahamKeon Graham
02:58 27 Sep 23
I love the car wash, my car was very shiny and clean. Michael V was very helpful assisting with drying my car as soon as I parked after exiting the car wash. My new go to car wash spot.
02:23 13 Sep 23
Radwan KazaalRadwan Kazaal
00:27 13 Sep 23
Friendly staff, clean space and they have all the necessities a car needs to come out squeaky clean.
Carson SuppéCarson Suppé
23:43 12 Sep 23
Nice car wash. Had an issue using a gift card as the machine wasn’t working. Kevin was very helpful and courteous. Will definitely be back.
Robbie BostonRobbie Boston
23:42 12 Sep 23
Holly VandiverHolly Vandiver
23:12 12 Sep 23
Thanks to Cole for the friendly and helpful assistance!
Juancarlos OrtizJuancarlos Ortiz
23:52 28 Aug 23
Good service and attention from Mr. Michael V.
Candi JerniganCandi Jernigan
21:30 28 Aug 23
Sam and Michael are very friendly and helpful.
17:58 28 Aug 23
Edisa ServicesEdisa Services
15:15 28 Aug 23
Dakota did great
Bárbara LeonardoBárbara Leonardo
14:51 28 Aug 23
Amazing job dakota
LUKE LaukaitisLUKE Laukaitis
21:37 12 Aug 23
Thanks to Kevin who gave fantastic customer service even helped wipe down my Lincoln MKX this is a fun car wash! Kids will love the LED lights in the tunnel. Music is already playing outside so there's no competition between other cars. They also have a floor mat cleaner washing machine 100% difference on my floor mats! Don't forget to ask for your free car freshener!
Antonio BarrenoAntonio Barreno
13:32 04 Aug 23
I have had a great experience at Woody’s every visit. Their staff is always helpful and pleasant. Aurora was very courteous and did a great job towel wiping excess water off my car.
Dai'shawn HuntDai'shawn Hunt
18:45 25 Jun 23
Awesome experience as always, they offer everything you need to tidy up your ride. AP Cleaner, Window Cleaner, Compressed Air, Matt Cleaners, Etc... Their associates will also come and help you towel dry your vehicle. Alex Adams walked me through the whole process of getting signed up and also helped me dry my vehicle, safe to say they have my business!
Maya SaludesMaya Saludes
14:30 06 Jun 23
Was really hoping this place would be great given the fantastic reviews - I’ve been looking for a good trustworthy car wash in my area. And part of it was - the vacuum bays were clean, the employees were nice, didn’t see much post-rinse spotting and someone friendly magically materialized to help towel off after the wash.However, the wash chipped the paint on my trunk in two spots. I’m positive it was the wash as I had just done a close inspection of my car that morning after a hail storm the previous day to check for damage, and the chips weren’t there. They’re small chips and of course no automated car wash ever accepts liability for stuff like that, but it really sucks that I can’t trust this wash not to damage my car further. I won’t be back for specifically that reason.
23:04 16 Apr 22
I just left this car wash. As I drove by, I thought man, that's the nicest car wash I've ever seen. I've got to say everyone at this car wash was outstanding. Big thanks to the attendant ( Didn't get his name but he was awesome) Francis,Javonte and Noel L in the vacuum area. They cleaned my rims and wiped the car down, refusing to accept a tip.I'll go out of my way to come back here!Outstanding!!
Alex McDonaldAlex McDonald
16:58 23 Dec 21
This is not your typical drive thru car wash. When you come to Woodie’s you’re coming to the best! The staff knows how to provide that top notch service that will keep you coming back. If you’re like, and you value great services, from great people at an affordable price then Woodies is for you. My man Francis always have me looking clean!