car wash staff and a father and son gather for a photo in a wash tunnel

Woodie’s Catches the Wave for Autism Acceptance Month

We know that you are busy paddling out to catch another wave, but we would like you to chill for just a sec while we share some totally tubular information with you about Autism Awareness Month.

Every April, organizations, families, and individuals around the nation band together to raise awareness about autism. This includes promoting a message of acceptance and inclusion for individuals who are autistic.

While many people are aware of autism spectrum disorder, not all people realize there are so many ways to partner with our communities to increase autism acceptance.

More Than a Car Wash

Here at Woodie’s Wash Shack, it is one of our core values to be actively involved in making waves of positive change in our local community and beyond. From philanthropy efforts to fundraisers, we believe in giving back and doing our part. We are more than just a car wash!

It is our mission to create an experience of epic proportions for our customers, our crew members, and our community. This experience extends beyond the Wash Shack and into the lives of others.

This month we are celebrating the bodacious bright light that autistic individuals bring to the world. We believe these dudes and dudettes are totally awesome, deserve to be celebrated, and should be included and accepted!

little boy with hang loose sign and holding a beach ball
boy wiping down car at a car wash

Our Favorite Little Surfer

Allow us the opportunity to introduce you to our favorite little surfer dude, Nuggie! Not only is he the all-time #1 fan of Woodie’s Wash Shack, but he is also the son of Woodie’s owner. As a family-operated business, Nuggie really is a big kahuna who brings epic energy and fun everywhere he goes.

Nuggie is an awesome twelve-year-old who is autistic. But does he let that slow his roll? No way! He is always ready and waiting, Woodie’s attire included, to surf over to the Wash Shack. From riding through the tunnel to drying the car or using the free mat cleaner… Nuggie knows Woodie’s Wash Shack inside and out.

oversized check made out to surfers for autism

Surfers for Autism

Not only do we LOVE to ride the waves, but we love to help others do it, too! That’s why we donated $10,000 to Surfers for Autism in December 2020. Woodie’s was honored to support their efforts to help children and adults with autism and related developmental delays by introducing them to surfing.

“Studies show the experience of being in the ocean can be very calming and soothing for those living with autism, as their regular daily routine can sometimes leave them feeling overwhelmed and over stimulated. For some, the transformation is almost instantly seen as their entire body is soothed by the rhythm of the ocean’s waves.

Surfers For Autism offers is not a cure or traditional therapy, but rather an experience. Participants get to enjoy the moment with their loved one as they rise to the challenge of trying something new and achieving it!” –

That is why we are excited to partner with Surfers For Autism again in 2022. Stay tuned for what’s ahead and how you can get involved. It’s going to be EPIC!

How Can You Get Involved?

Catch the wave with Woodie’s as we make a difference together. Here are a few ideas if you are looking for ways to participate in Autism Awareness Month:

  • Find and attend an Autism Awareness event in your area
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make new friends
  • Donate to a reputable organization that provides autism support and services
  • Wear blue during April to shine a light on autism

During April and every month to come, Woodie’s is on a mission to make others shine. Join us as we advocate for our friends with autism and celebrate as they reach for their full potential. Surf’s up!

group of people holding surf board and oversized check