Woodie’s Express Car Wash Guide

Step-by-Step | How-to

Pollen season has officially started, and your car is probably looking yellower than ever. If you’re looking for the best wash for your ride, you’ve got to try Woodie’s Wash Shack. Check out our express car wash guide below. 

pollen season woodies wash shack express car wash guide

The Prep Work

First, pull into a Woodie’s Wash Shack. What next? Then you’ll need to go to our staging area and empty out your truck bed. We wouldn’t want to damage anything back there or have anything fall out. Next, you can pull forward to one of our pay station gates, where you can pick which wash option your ride needs. Our license plate scanner will identify your car.  

prep work at woodies wash shack express car wash guide

How To Use? Express Car Wash Guide

Once the license plate scanner has identified your vehicle, you are ready to use the express car wash. Pull around and enter the wash tunnel. Put your vehicle in neutral when the outside display prompts you to. Once you’ve done this, you’re good to relax and let your car receive the best wash in town. Just remember not to touch the steering wheel during the wash and to keep your foot off the brake.

ask for help at woodies wash shack express car wash guide

After the Express Car Wash. Guide

At the end of the wash, our conveyor belt will roll you out of the wash tunnel. Once you’re out, you’re ready to put it in drive and enjoy your clean vehicle. But why stop there? If you purchase a wash from Woodie’s, you have access to our car vacuums. So pull into one of the stalls and use our heavy-duty car vacuums to get your car’s inside matching its outside. 

see you at woodies wash shack express car wash guide

As always, thank you for being a Woodie’s Wash Shack member. We hope that this express car wash guide helps you enjoy the experience. If you need any assistance, give us a call 24/7 at 656-777-5968. If you’re looking for more information about how to use express car wash, please check our video instructions here or check the text variant here.