If you’ve been checking out our car wash packages, you might’ve noticed that we offer a ceramic seal for your car. It is included in our Pipeline Package, which offers all the premium services available at Woodie’s. But you may still be wondering: what is ceramic seal and why should I use it?

Ceramic seal is a product that bonds to your paint to protect it from salt, sand, UV rays and more. It is a chemical polymer that blends with the paint on your car to form a barrier of protection. This helps reduce the impacts of:

Protecting your car’s paint from these elements will help keep it looking newer, longer.

Whether your car is brand-new, or you’ve had it for a while, you should consider using a ceramic seal application. Your car is a major investment and protecting it will help extend its life. Keep reading to learn more about how ceramic seal works and why it’s important.

How Does Ceramic Seal Work?

Ceramic seal chemically bonds to your paint job on the molecular level. It’s made of nano particles of epoxy and quartz, which create a permanent or semi-permanent bond, directly to the paint. The smaller the particles, the better bond they create and the longer it lasts.

When your car goes through the car wash tunnel, ceramic may be applied in various ways throughout the wash process. This creates a hydrophobic shield that repels water and has self-cleaning properties. That shield makes the car easier to clean the vehicle, every time you go through the tunnel!

What Are the Benefits of Ceramic Seal?

Ceramic seal delivers unmatched protection and extreme shine. It provides protection from UV rays and chemical stains, among other things. Vehicles that have used ceramic treatment multiple times also have a notable gloss that’s hard to miss.

Protection From UV Rays

UV rays can cause major damage to a vehicle’s paint job, including oxidation, fading, and peeling. At Woodie’s, we call this “The Florida Rash”. If you want to protect your car from this inevitable fate, we highly recommend the Pipeline Wash, which includes ceramic seal.

Protection From Chemical Stains

Contaminants in the air are often acidic and can cause stains on your paint job. The more polluted the air, the bigger this problem becomes. Ceramic seal can prevent these contaminants from bonding to your paint and causing unsightly stains.

Easier Cleaning

Once the hydrophobic shield has been created, you will notice that rain and other water-based contaminants will bead on the surface of the car and slide off. This makes it easier to wash your car every time.

High Gloss

Ceramic seal provides a ton of benefits for cleaning and protecting the paint, but it also has some aesthetic features, as well. When you regularly use the ceramic seal treatment in our tunnel, you will notice a deep gloss on your car. That’s because ceramic seal brings out the best in the factory paint job and can even add some depth to the color.

Should I Get Ceramic Seal on My Car?

There are several reasons for which you should get ceramic seal on your car. If you want the best protection for your paint job and a high-gloss finish, there’s no reason not to do it. Next time you’re at the wash, give the ceramic seal a try. We promise you won’t regret it!

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